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Charlotte Or Dallas?

Discussion in 'Indians in Charlotte' started by laasyaa, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. laasyaa

    laasyaa Junior IL'ite

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    Hello Charlotte friends,
    We're planning to move from Tampa to a bigger city in the summer as my hubby's job would allow him to work from anywhere. Top two contenders in our list are Dallas and Charlotte in no specific order. Though we haven't picked out the winner yet we would like to get some insight on Charlotte. So I would like to know places in Charlotte with good Indian population, good schooling and safe neighborhood. Your help is appreciated!
    P.S. I'm posting this message in Dallas forum also.

  2. raje

    raje New IL'ite

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    Hi laasya,
    If you pick charlotte ballantyne and concord has more Indian population .
    If you want to cover all good schooling,restaurants,Indian population,more happening place select ballantyne place which covers all most of the things .Good Luck

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