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Chapter 17 Daddy Returns A Serial Story By Sho

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by shobimanju, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. shobimanju

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    Chapter 17

    It dawned. Both of them were ready to leave. But it was early hours of Sunday. Nick came down and looked out for his mother. She was surprised to her little one ready already.

    “Good morning mummy!”

    “Oh dear! Good morning! But what am I seeing? Where are you ready to leave so early in the morning?”

    “To meet my friend, mama. I told you yesterday, we are meeting in the park mama. We’ll jog for while and practice skating mama”

    “Mm… but…err…”

    “Mama please, I had promised already mama. Please shall i… I’m gonna be there here in the park mama ple…ase”

    Confused, the lady slightly nodded her head and that was it Nick blew a kiss and was out of the gate already.

    Following him grandpa came out. Both stood for a while relaxed and laughed at each other. They shook their hands and walked.

    When they reached the house, Sona’s house, it was very silent from outside. They couldn’t see anybody outside there. They waited for sometime, looked at each other and slowly stepped towards the house. They opened the gate and went inside.

    Suddenly, two small boys came running chasing one another, screaming to the top of their voice. They almost banged on Nick and stopped. Both of them took a glance at each other and turned to Nick. They didn’t seem to notice grandpa.

    “Whom you wanna meet? My mom or my dad? ” Asked the little, the taller of the two.

    “Your mom. And I am Nick”

    Both of them ran together and vanished into the house. Nick turned to look at grandpa. He was still looking at the direction the boys ran. He looked so proud and happy but there was a pain in his eyes. He understood they should be his grandsons. To draw his attention he slightly cleared his throat.

    “They are my grandsons, Nick”

    “I understood” he whispered.

    “My daughter is gonna come now. Nick…”

    He was so restless that it seemed as though all his patience had waded out of him all at once. And there came his daughter along with her two sons. As she reached Nick closer her face took a questioning expression.

    “Yes dear, how can I help you? I’m sorry I couldn’t recognize you dear.”

    She was so plain and direct with her query that Nick for a second had forgotten everything he had planned .

    Looked blank for a second and turned towards grandpa. Following his sight she also shifted her eyes and looked back at Nick.

    “Yes dear” and waited for him to reply

    Nick once again cleared his throat and started

    “Aunty, I’m Nick, live down near the church.” Swallowed his empty throat and continued

    “Actually I happened to see a person whom you wanted to see for long”

    He carefully spelled out each word so that they carried utmost importance and tried reading her face. Her eyebrows wriggled closer and looked at the boy carefully”

    Before they could start the boys chorused

    “Our mom wants to see our grandpa for long has he come finally did you see him?

    Questions poured out from them because they wanted to stop their dear mama’s tears too.

    “Our mom is waiting to see her father for long and she keeps crying for him. Has he come really? Where is he? Did you see him really?”

    All three of them there were astonished and taken aback by the kids.

    While the smaller one ran inside screaming


    The other one shook Nick and asked

    “Hey Nick, Say now did you see our grandpa?”

    Now his mom regained little of conscious and pulled the boy towards her

    “Sorry Nick… That was actually…”
    She stopped now as she saw Nick again looking up at the other side where nobody was there. But when she saw him nodding his head and lifted up his hand and held something in the air.

    She left the small boy and came close to Nick and turned him towards her.

    “N i c k …” her voice husky softer than a whisper still looking at the direction where Nick looked she asked

    “Is that true Nick?”

    But she didn’t want any confirmation as she gazed into the air and tried to figure out her daddy.

    “Yes aunty, he’s your dad. He’s there here right here. All through the years, he knows you and has been seeing you. He wanted to convey that to you. Aunty he’s now very happy aunty”

    He went on and on with same haste and hurry as grandpa was the day before to make him understand his plight. They had both planned so much to make her understand the situation but the kids made the work unexpectedly easy. May be that’s the reason kids are worshipped as god.

    Grandpa was totally moved now unable to speak. His throat choked. Tears flowing from his eyes. He put his hand out to touch his daughter.

    “Sona…Sona dear...” words tumbled out of his mouth.

    She shrugged herself. She could feel herself going chill and felt goose bumps all over.

    “D ad dy..” words struggled for her too.

    Both of them were in their heights of their emotions.

    Whatever Nick was saying went through her ears like magical spell. Her daddy already knew everything that she wanted to tell him. They had been together all along. She felt like that she’s again gone back at her good old house, all of them together. That was more important for her. Her dream has come true finally her daddy is back.

    “Daddy we are together daddy”

    “Yes dear, we always have been”

    “Daddy we missed you a lot. I felt you had gone away from us daddy. Along with you all my courage and .. and ..everything ..whatever you praised me for have gone away daddy. Daddy I wanted you back daddy I wanted you very badly”

    She broke out and started weeping and smiling too. They were both tied up with their emotions. There came an old fragile lady. Nick understood she should the grandma.

    The little boy came along pulling her. He had conveyed the important message. She there smiling at little one’s innocence. But when she noticed the scene at the yard she slowed down and called out her daughter.

    She immediately turned to her and went running to her. She pulled her fast to the yard and made her stand in front of grandpa and said

    “Mummy, with all your attention see in front of you mummy daddy is here. Mummy see please believe me see properly mummy daddy is here.”

    There was an emotional out break. There was no need for a mediator now. Feelings, expression or emotion did not require a physical feature. Still they understood and felt each other.

    The other three boys stood close to each other and watched speechless. They also cried. Everybody cried. They cried out of joy.

    Finally, it was daddy, who spoke,

    “Nick, thank you honey, I have no words for my gratitude dear. You are my savior”
    Nick laughed tears flowing from his eyes. He only shook his head and hugged him.

    “Mama’ll be waiting Nick, She’ll be already worried. You finish your day’s chores and come back in the evening. I’ll be waiting for you honey’

    The ladies agreed with him and so he left. In the evening when he returned he had lots more to hear. Because grandpa had met (felt) his other daughter too. They talked, talked and talked. Everything good, ended good. At, night, when grandpa got ready to go along with Nick, he smiled at Sona saying

    Daddy, please come back……

    A book by Sho----- who’s still waiting for her daddy to come back

    Dear ones,

    Though the dream of Sona
    Has come true
    I know there are many hearts
    Which yearn for their dear ones…
    This is a dedication for all such
    Yearning hearts.

    Thank you for your kind support


    Shobana Manjunath

  2. Arunarc

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    Hello Shobana
    That was a wonderful story with full of emotions and love. With fantastic narration, with an easy flow of words.

    It is very sad when dad passes away but even though his body is disposed his soul is always living.
    Hope we will get many more stories to read from you in near future.
    Hope to see you soon back in action.
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  3. SujySreeram

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    Hi Dear Shobana, At last Sona met his father n grandpa's wish is fulfilled. Excellent write up :thumbsup, Enjoyed it completely. waiting for many more marvelous stories from you :). All the best. Take Care.
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  4. shobimanju

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    yeah Arunarc! actually speaking i cant bear sad ending that's why i took it to this track...

  5. shobimanju

    shobimanju Bronze IL'ite

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    haiiiiii sujysreeram

    Thanku i wnt ur wish to come true tooo soon i ll try with another concept....

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