Can someone tell what this prediction means exactly?

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    Hi Everyone,

    Few weeks back in some website, I asked for my horoscope predictions regarding my marriage. I am thankful to them who gave the predictions but I am unable to understand the clear idea about, like what the prediction clearly says about what I asked for.So kindly someone help me out what it implies, as I don't have any knowledge about the houses, lagnas and gurus. I am posting what questions I have asked for and copying and pasting exactly the predictions I received.

    My Question was: my birth details are : october 5th, 1986, Nakshatra: Swati, Time of birth: 5:17 pm. place of birth: hyderabad, andhra pradesh, india.. Kindly I want to know when I am going to get married and from where will my life partner be (like: from relative, coworker, friend?) and will i get a caring and loving husband, what about children?

    Prediction received :
    sunday, suklapaksha vidiya,
    meena lagna, tula rasi,
    since ravi, 6th house lord in 7th , i.e. 2nd to 6th ,
    lord of lagna guru in 12th house ,
    positively might be away from hyderabad ,
    if not even from india,
    as also sun aspected by rahu,
    though moon aspected by guru, and sukra in own house with budha,
    moon in enimy house, and in 8th house , positioned with sukra and budha,
    so, may sweet and soft, in talk,
    in an appealing way,
    seldom may wound the feeings by receving end,
    lord of 7th house with sukra, budha in 8th house,
    and guru aspected
    ketu in 7th may
    lead to distrub the customs and deposited feelings on marriage, & spouse,
    guru is also importanat for females and as guru in 12th ,
    moon , the 5th house lord is in 8th house, may cause for consideration ,
    hence though chances may not be rooted out to wed a co worker ,
    may not results in good conjugal life , as thought of,
    as also moon in 6th and 7th kuja in Navamsa,
    Never The Less,
    sukra is in 2nd to sun, is good as it may bring respect and virtues etc,
    and may get Noble spouse as the lord of 7th aspected by guru.

    Thank you in advance

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    Hope a learned astrologer can clear your doubts. :)

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