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Can Homams Safeguard Us From Illness And Accidents?

Discussion in 'Pujas Prayers & Slokas' started by subrabidha, Feb 2, 2017.

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    You can safeguard yourself from accidents if you know the probable time you may meet with an accident in your life. Who can tell you that?

    If you consult an astrologer, he can tell you the dasa and bhukti of the planets which are bad for you and probable times that may cause accidents in your life.

    Yes, navagrahas with their ill-positions in your natal horoscope prove malefic for you and some of them may cause accidents in your life. During their transitory positions, you may face perils like accidents in your life.

    How to safeguard yourself from accidents?


    Performing Navagraha Preethi homam through expert pooja services will safeguard you in your bad times and prevent you from meeting fatal happenings by way of accidents. Your astrologer will ask you to perform Navagraha Preethi homamwhich is conducted to appease the Navagrahas who cause ill effects like accidents in your life with their adverse positions in your horoscope.

    Are there other homam pooja that can protect you from illness?

    Yes, there are.

    Aayush Homam


    Aayush homam is performed to increase longevity, improve health and prosperity in life. We all know that the first birth anniversary of a child is celebrated with Aayush homam. You should not stop with it. If you perform Aayush homam puja at home every year, you find gradual improvement in health and other aspects of life. It will protect you from untoward happenings like accidents in your life.

    As you know, homam as such is a purifier of the nadis and chakras in your body. It increases the oxygen intake in your body as well. When you perform Aayush homam every year on the day your birth star falls and in the Tamil month you were born, it definitely protects you from the bad aspects of life like accidents and increases your longevity.

    Mrutyunjaya Homam

    Conducting Mrutyunjaya homam also serves the purpose. Accidents cause fear of death in human mind. Fear of death is abolished by Mrutyunjaya homam. Apart from this, Mrutyunjaya homam improves one’s longevity and also protects a person from untoward happenings in life. With all the hectic schedules involving long drivings in our life, conducting Mrutyunjaya homam through proper pooja services every now and then proves good.

    Should we perform homams very often?

    Yes, we should do. Why?

    Homams purify our body, give peace to mind and spiritual awakening to our soul. Naturally, we will become focused in our activities and as such will not lose concentration while driving or walking on the road.

    Source: Can Homams Safeguard Us from Illness and Accidents? | Ama Vedic Services
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