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Bringing Jewellery to India

Discussion in 'Return to India' started by an123, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. an123

    an123 Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi girls

    I am returning back to India for good in a few months. I have around 8 sets of gold and gem jewellery that I am bringing back. I am arriving at Delhi International airport and then taking a local flight to my hometown.

    I am wondering how should I bring it back to India without getting taxed at customs. A few questions which popped my mind were:
    - Should I keep it in check in baggage or hand baggage?
    - Would they open my check in baggage if they scan and find jewellery?
    - Does my hand baggage get scanned when I arrive at Delhi International airport? If not I can put them all in my hand baggage

    Those who have brought back their jewellery during a visit or for good to India, please let me know your experience. I dont want to declare it in my custom clearance form , then for sure,I know I am going to be taxed.

    Those with experience landing in New Delhi International Airport, please let me know how strict the customs are there?


  2. puni88

    puni88 Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Always carry the gold with you in carry on luggage or your purse.
    YOu can always say that its your personal jewellry.
    Read that only if you have GOLD coins, it would be a problem.
    If you have receipts for your gold, keep it with you in case of quries at customs, you can show them.
    If you don't have much gold, then its no problem.

    What I did was, everytime I went to India, I carried few sets and left it with my parents.
    Now I need not carry everything at a time and make it a eye sore :)

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