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Bhajan samraat final in SANKARA TV

Discussion in 'TV' started by V2K, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. V2K

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    hai viewers ,
    are you all aware that bhajan samraat is a program for bhajan talent hunt . as we all see programmes for cine songs, give a try watching bhajan samraat too. it has got varieties and good to hear and we get a touch pf sprirituality too. its telecast in sankara tv. those of you who dont get sankara tv i am giving the link below . kindly see it and feel the difference.

    we have all seen the programm upto wild card rounds and the finals are scheduled for september 15th at MEENAKSHI COLLEGE KODAMBAKKAM.those who are willing to can watch the programme live too.

    i am giving the link of the already telecasted episodes.


    i am happy to say that my son too participated in this programme but din make it to finals. he is playing keyboard for his school. they had been there upto the wild card rounds.
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