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Best Ways To Make Your “”“move”” Easy

Discussion in 'Home Decoration & Improvement' started by Anusowmyan, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Anusowmyan

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    Moving into a new house is a challenging task which requires lot of work like packing, loading &unloading. Those these are three simple words they demand a more strategic planning. Shifting to our new dream home or just moving closer towards school or office, relocating due to transfer or moving to a spacious apartments, the reason to move from one house to another may vary but the action remains same for all.

    Its always better to start the work a week ahead of the scheduled move unless you are allocating the work to a company. Then you are almost free from work, you need to just guide them to pack your things in the way you want. If not so, you need to be prepared to

    ** segregate all the items based on their make &use. Then pack them accordingly.

    ** mark the boxes with symbols basing on the items inside

    ** safeguard documents, certificates, cash, jewellery &medicines. Carry it with yourself. Never place along with other items.

    ** highlight boxes with HANDLE WITH CARE &place them separately those carrying glass &china ware. Wrap them in old hand towels or waste clothes.

    ** Discard all the waste &give away unused items. Don’t carry them from here to there.

    ** Take help from gas agency to carry cylinders &gas stoves in a safe manner.

    ** call service personnel to dismantle &fix DTH, water purifiers, &other house hold appliances.

    **Regarding pets, ensure to move them with their safety as the first priority.

    **If you plan to carry your most loved plant, place an icepack in the pot making a small hole in it. So, that it is watered till you reach your home.

    ** As far as possible don’t carry the leftover chemicals &disinfectants.

    **Most importantly don’t forget to change your address in your banks, aadhaar card, voter id, driving license, passport Etc.

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