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Baby fusses over solid food

Discussion in 'Baby / Kids Foods' started by Sahmaara, May 26, 2010.

  1. Sahmaara

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    Hi Ladies,

    DD completed 5 months a week ago and her pediatrician gave green signal for starting solid foods. She has advised to start with a spoon of rice cereal, slowly increasing a spoon after few days, and then repeat the process with oatmeal cereal and barley cereal.
    I purchased the Gerber Rice and Oatmeal cereal, and am feeding her rice cereal mixed with formula milk for the past 3 days. But, DD fusses and cries a lot when I feed her cereal, and becomes very happy when I give her formula milk (She is formula-fed; and nurses only during nap-times and night time due to my milk supply issues since the beginning).
    I am confused if she is not yet ready for solids, or if she is not liking the taste of store-bought cereals? I also tried giving her rice and moong dal once, but she had the same reaction.
    Please advise how can I make this experience enjoyable, or if I need to wait a few more weeks before giving her solids..
    Also, should give her water? Which is the right age for starting water?
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  2. loonypooh

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    sahmaara, maybe u can reintroduce later.....a wk or 2 later.
    or maybe u can try a fruit puree instead...like pear/peaches/plum/banana...anything u like or veggie puree like squash/sweet potato.

    there is a possibility that she isnt quite ready for solids...

    also dont do all cereals at once,once she gets used to rice,for a wk after chking for allergies,do some other cereal if u wish too... i wound say stick with 1 cereal for a while.
    we only started cereals post 6 months,till then she was on fruit/veggie puree.

    if u want to buy store bought,u get get gerber first foods....but go really slow,like giving the same thing for a wk or so,

    Baby Food- Gerber Stage 1
  3. mridusudha

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    DS did the same when I started with rice cereal @ 4.5 months. Ofcourse he never cried but after eating 2-3 spoons he used to fuss a lot. I never forced food for him. Instead I kept trying little everyday. After 2-3 weeks he got the hang of it.
    If your DD is eating even 2-3 spoons(baby spoon) then it is a very good start. If she is crying to take even a spoon then I would suggest waiting for another week or so..

    Also if your DD is eating cereal then I would suggest giving little water may be 1/2-1 ounce to begin with. But if you are holding on the cereal and decide not to feed her now then there is no need to give water.

    Hope this helps.

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