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Ask Bambi On Diet & Health

Discussion in 'Indian Diet & Nutrition' started by Vidya24, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. sathya

    sathya Gold IL'ite

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    dear savitha

    yes kai kuththal arisi is the same as brown rice, only some red rice can also be traded off as brown rice. it is best to buy it from stores that sell organically grown products. rice should be minimum ...just to satisfy hunger.
    at other times juice of carrot and sprouted ragi malt can be given without milk
    for cancer patients the following fresh juices are best
    wheat grass juice 1 tumbler say 200 ml
    this is best prepared fresh at home and taken immediately. it should be diluted and not concentrate. a handful of grass to make a tumbler of juice
    carrot juice..prepared fresh and diluted ...taken fresh


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