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Adee vandee aana kutti !

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Chokkanayaki, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Chokkanayaki

    Chokkanayaki Silver IL'ite

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    I shall now tell you a long story cut short,a tale that you know ,
    the journey of young mothers and grandmothers old ,
    Its a trip down memory lane to tell you how we were mould ,

    "Face life head on with a smile,erase the frown "we were told.

    Grandma was the queen and she did lovingly assert ,
    her supremacy over the kitchen with a cup of dessert ,
    she lovingly fed the mouths , her fingers as balm ,
    with rice balls soaked in ghee and pressed in the palm .

    She opened her mouth , for our mouths to open wide ,
    large enough , to allow rice and veggies side by side .
    each helping , a different size with the gaps intervening ,
    different too , to allow for a swallow and the odd belching .

    Grandma was happy and pleased with herself so ,
    it was a task very well done , of feeding kids in a row .
    the hands moved deftly from one mouth to another ,
    in clockwork precision, for she lovingly cared to bother.

    Her life revolved around just simple and healthy food ,
    to feed hungry mouths and stay in the best of mood .
    As we grew up , it was a rapid transition and yet ,
    things did not seem to change, even a wee bit ! you bet !

    Grandma dear was a little older now and so mom had all the fun ,
    when grown up kids sat in a semi circle & the deal was wonderfully done .
    ghee rice balls again soaked in yummy rasam was handed down ,
    we got a taste of the cold curd rice too and gobbled without a frown .

    I miss the splattering on the faces and the hunger pangs ,
    for when we had butterflies, we would pull out our fangs .
    Grandma had a ready remedy and Mom executed it beautifully too ,
    for we loved fresh curd rice balls with a sunken middle and a drop of Kuzhamboo.....:coffee
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  2. rgsrinivasan

    rgsrinivasan IL Hall of Fame

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    Wow! That made me nostalgic, Chokkanayaki Madam. Nice words and rhyming. Thanks for sharing. -rgs

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