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A sensational story !

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by jmsd, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. jmsd

    jmsd Silver IL'ite

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    Well guys !
    I am not trying to sensationalize the forum with any story but this is something very true which I am observing day and night since the past 3 years and getting confused and bewildered at the same time.

    In my immediate neighborhood lives an old lady.Her son lives abroad.
    One day when the lady was away for relatives function in another city,the son came back home.A girl followed him.They spend a few days together .Then the son went away to join his mother .
    I came to know from the neighborhood that the boy is married to a very pretty girl who is abroad and with her he is proceeding with a divorce.
    This girl who is visiting him now is his girlfriend from college and they always wanted to get married.However something went wrong and his parents then married him to another girl.
    His girlfriend kept on posting their pictures and videos to his wife as well as continually being in touch with him,sending him gifts etc as well as pressing his wife to leave him for the sake of their love.
    As a result the wife was stressed out and started having temper problems.
    People say that she was a very good girl but then the entire family got after her ,calling her names and finally she got divorced from him.

    After a few months of this guys first visit he came back.
    This time happily divorced and for his marriage with his girlfriend.
    I too attended this wedding ,as I was invited as a neighbor.

    I witnessed the newly weds having a gala time together.
    They shopped,travelled, had late nights out frequently .
    Their love bites flashed the story of cherishable initimacy.
    They were the most romantic couple around and other newly weds in the society eyed them envy.
    They boy returned from airport as he did not want to leave his new wife ,came back and stayed longer.
    He used to come back every year and was as romantic as ever for the girl.
    The girl used to go back to her parents house in between his visits.

    Now the part which bewilders me.
    The girl was popularly of low character.
    She was pretty and very soft spoken.The pleasantness that this couple spread around was more overwhelming than such a gossip that people did ,so I used to dismiss it all as untruth and jealousy.
    Then one day when she had come to visit her MIL I saw a middle aged man following her at night and she talked to him for quite sometime from inside her car.Then she went inside the house and and he left.
    I felt he must have been a relative,may be!
    On another I found a local shopkeeper following and talking to her.
    Couldn't make any head and tail out of it so just switched off my thinking button.

    This morning my doorbell rang .
    A visibly distressed and angry female wished me and started enquiring about this girl (the new wife) as to when is she going to join her husband abroad.
    I said I had no clue as I am not a very involved neighbor and am just Hi hello types.
    This early morning visitor tells me that she has two kids and a relative of (the new wife )too.That she is having a affair with her husband and despite repeated warnings not leaving him so she is just desperate to get any help from the neighborhood.She rang the bell of almost every house this morning.
    Half angry ,half crying!

    While my head is still stunned from the events in the morning I am baffled by the whole thing.
    Can people be two faced like this.
    Feigning true love and passion for a person and cheating him at the same time.
    Acting holy outside and being evil inside.
    That too a girl!

    I am choosing to share this story here as largely men as assumed to commit adultery.This strange event has left me dumbfound.

    A bit too much for me so unwinding here.

    I hope I am not flouting any rules of the forum with such a post

  2. satchitananda

    satchitananda Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Well, all I can say is it takes all sorts to make the world. The guy quit his wife to marry this girl, this one is two timing him. As they say what goes around comes round.

    In any case, no need to get so upset or shaken up by the event - just one more of those things. Best to leave all such things aside, because you will never know the whole truth. So best not to say anything without knowing all sides of any story. Appearances can sometimes be deceptive too.
  3. Shanvy

    Shanvy IL Hall of Fame

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    this is just one of those happenings..and it becomes sensational because it happened very close to you. as long as we read in the papers, or see in the news, it is just news, but when it happens in close proximity, you realise the enormity of it.

    There is more to EMA, then what we come across in these forums. if every story that we come across is shared, then we would know that both men and women share the stage in almost equal percentage..(60:40).

    We hear of murders, betrayals that could chill your bones..

    do not get involved.
  4. bhuvnidhi

    bhuvnidhi IL Hall of Fame

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    JMSD , In my opinion you ignore this and carry on.These are some things which will make you look dirty if you try to mediate or try to clean.The same lady who knocked everyone's door for justice saying her hubby and "that" lady are having EMA might abuse you if you try to say something about her hubby.

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