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221 g blue form from chennai consulate

Discussion in 'Immigration Matters' started by skala, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. skala

    skala New IL'ite

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    I would like to share my experience with h1b visa so far. Any of you who were/are in almost the similar situation, please respond and share your experiences as well, so that we could tackle the problems.

    I and my husband were in the US in L1 and L2 visas respectively. I was working iin EAD then. Our visas were expiring and my husband's employer wanted us to come back to India for renewal rather than extending it in the US itself. Meanwhile both of us got our H1b visas approved.

    We were in the impression to renew our L1 visa in India and then go back to US and stamp our H1 in Mexico in October 2008. So we came to Chennai on August 2008 and went for L1-L2 renewal. Unfortunately that was denied:bonk. ( Mean while due to personal issues, my husband had to change his job in India too).So we are now not in a position to get an L1, L2 visa again soon.

    But we had some hope over our H1s and went for stamping on October . But we both got 221g blue form asking for more supporting docs from our employer. He has not yet sent any and we are still in India. (Thanks to our friends who managed to shift our stuffs from our apartment in the US, to theirs. Fortunately we had disposed our car and furniture, before we came to India. Our instincts asked us to pack all our stuffs in cartons, so that it was easy for our friends to shift from our home to theirs.) Anyways we are still in India and trying for options to get back to US through transfers or Cap H1 etc:spin.

    We consulted Murthy law firm and they say that , H1 transfer is still possible even though we are in India and have never worked in the existing H1 B visas, If an employer is ready to get the genuine docs.. Another option is, this year, H1 b quota is still open and any employer can help us with genuine docs.

    Thankyou for reading my looong story:)!! I was just wondering if anyone is in almost the same situation, or had experience before. Please advise me how to handle this:thumbsup!!

    Last edited: Nov 19, 2009

  2. Ranchu

    Ranchu Local Champion Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    hi sKala,

    me and hubby were almost in the same situation. hubby was here in L1 and got his h1 done from a company, came back to india and tried stamping h1 so that he can then quit L1-company and join H1-Company, but he got the 221 g blue form .

    After that no response from H1 company. They dont even pick up our cals no response to emails . nothing. so we were totally disappointed and found another company to sponsor h1 and came here.

    This was all 2 yrs back.
    This yr there are hardly any companies ready to do h1 . if you search h4 ladies forum you will find the H12010 thread ..

    So keep your hopes high on new h1, but to be open n frank: 221g is almost hopeless. (unless your company is ready to provide the docs).

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