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11 Year Old Girls Diet

Discussion in 'Indian Diet & Nutrition' started by SPmom, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. SPmom

    SPmom New IL'ite

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    I have 11 year old daughter. She is underweight and looks very thin.
    Doesn't show any interest in food.

    I know, girls grow during their puberty years a lot and their body undergoes many changes now.
    And I can see that with all her friends except her.She looks very bony.
    I know that every kids is different and everyone has their own time.
    But i had very bad experiences with my younger sister, who was very thin and didn't develop her breasts even after her puberty.
    We tried every medicine and diet on her but nothing worked.
    We undergone lot of stress to find matches for her.
    I am getting worried if my daughter has got my sister's genes.
    And I don't want same things to repeat with my daughter.
    I am getting very worried( i think u can understand why) and i cannot even share this with my husband.

    On top of it, I am very tired of all the comments that i get from my friends, relatives whenever they see her.I even stopped sharing any pics of her to avoid comments.
    Please , suggest me proper diet during this period for her to increase her weight and develop breasts.
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  2. blindpup10

    blindpup10 Platinum IL'ite

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    My 2 cents--
    First and foremost- Stop reflecting your experience of "searching a groom for your sister" on to your daughter's growth.
    Second of all- Don't you think your 11-year-old daughter already knows she has small breasts? Why are you focusing on her small breasts? Granted Indian society thinks having fully developed breast = 100% feminine. Can't you give her enough confidence to deal with the society who judges her already? Does she really need you judging her to pressuring her to increase her breast size?

    Third- Your daughter is still a 11-year-old, every child is different. Within a span of 10 years, when she is 21, she may morph into a beautiful woman.

    My experience- I happen to be one of the women that fits the exact description of your daughter- bony, small breasts, lacks interest in food, underweight. My poor mother was targeted by my father's relatives and her own, how she is not caring well for me. There is only so much a mother can do- especially when it comes to genetics.

    Did I get teased more than girls with good size racks, Yes. Did it affect my self-esteem YES. Did I get over it-- Definitely YES. Did I do anything to change my breast size- Nope.

    I love my small breasts. Now when I am 30 years old- I still have a perky breasts which works against gravity ( my husband loves it). Where as all my friends who had bountiful full sized breasts- now complain how their breasts sags + backache it gives them.

    Its not the size that matters or the groom who has to be impressed by good sized breasts.

    If your daughter is healthy and you know how to give her confidence about her body will make you a good mother.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2017
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  3. DDream

    DDream Platinum IL'ite

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    I agree with @blindpup10 . Please don't allow your insecurities to ruin your daughters confidence.
    You need to realize that being ugly or beautiful is neither ones credit nor fault. We cannot control ones genetics.
    So stop worrying about things you can't control and focus on things you can control.

    I believe beauty of a women is in her confidence, personal qualities and good nature.
    As a mother you need to tell your daughter that she is beautiful the way she is. Teach her to neglect negative comments and succeed in her life.
    Just smile off unnecessary comments from others. Once your daughter achieve success in her life, the same people will change their opinion. I can understand what you feel.
    Anyway, consult a doctor if you are worried much about her health.
    I was also very slim in my teens and gained weight later in 20's. That kind of change is possible anytime
    What you have to do is just make sure she is eating well, healthy, active, energetic and enjoying her life & studies. She is only 11y, please stop worrying on all these silly things and focus on making your daughter a successful and confident lady. Rest will follow
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2017
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